Why Is Blueberry Honey Infused Oil Good For Your Hair?

by Ekaa Fairy Store on May 01, 2021

Why Is Blueberry Honey Infused Oil Good For Your Hair?
We all know honey is good for hair, but do we exactly know what honey does to our hair like what are the benefits of honey on hair? So, let’s understand the properties of honey which are beneficial for hair.


Honey is a humectant, so it pulls moisture from the air to your hair.  It also softens your hair while your using it, so you'll reap the benefits of a honey hair treatment for hours after you use it.


If you have dandruff or flakes from dry skin, honey can help.  It's naturally antiseptic, so it can kill the fungus or germs that cause dandruff.  It's also moisturizing and a natural exfoliatant, so it can help reduce flakes from dry scalp.


Even though your hair is actually dead, it can benefit from the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in honey.  Honey is also good for your scalp health, which in turn means better looking hair.  
Honey clarifies your hair and adds shine, your hair will look better.  It can also smooth the hair cuticle, which makes your hair look shinier and be more manageable.  


Honey has some hydrogen peroxide in it, which makes it antimicrobial and also gives it a lightening effect.  While it won't turn brown hair blonde, it might give you some nice natural looking highlights.
Unlike store-bought lighteners, honey won't damage your hair.  It actually makes it look better, so it's a safer alternative to using bleach.  


While honey itself may not make your hair grow, it does support a healthy scalp.  This can mean thicker, stronger hair.  Since it protect your hair, it's less likely to break.  If your hair breaks, it can't grow longer, so honey can indirectly lead to longer, stronger hair.


1. Honey is an emollient. It seals the moisture in your hair, keeping it conditioned and shiny. This reduces breakage, which is often a cause of slower hair growth. Honey could work better for women naturally curly hair or dry hair.
2.Honey is said to promote hair growth, though there is not enough scientific evidence to support this. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence of honey stimulating hair growth.
3.Honey has rich antioxidant properties that prevent damage, keeping your scalp and hair healthy.
4.Honey, being a humectant and containing proteins, minerals and vitamins, strengthens the hair follicles, curbing hair fall and baldness.
5.Honey has antibacterial qualities. It may help prevent scalp infections and soothe issues like dandruff, eczema, etc.
6.Honey contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which starts the oxidation of glucose and forms hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties. It may fight related infections pertaining to the scalp and hair.