Why Is Blueberry Aloe Vera & Cucumber Toner Good For Your Skin?

by Ekaa Fairy Store on May 01, 2021

Why Is Blueberry Aloe Vera & Cucumber Toner Good For Your Skin?
 When add this product in our daily skincare activity. It can have major positive impact on the appearance and tightness of your pores thus delaying the signs of ageing. The aloe Vera and cucumber also restores your skin's pH level, smoothest skin by refining rough patches and improves skin tone. So many benefits! This toner balances the ph level of the skin, moisturizes, removes extra sebum, reduces acne, purifies skin, fades blemishes and dark spots and nourishes the skin. The travel-friendly pack bottle will protect your skin; keep you cool, refreshing and calm. This hydrating water helps maintain the natural moisture balance and the skin feels beautifully soft and conditioned.


Start & Ends Your Day with Fresh Feel On Skin

Aloe is a water mineral enriched ingredients detoxify the skin to fetch out the true glow & shine of the skin. It also evens the texture soothes all skin concerns & infections.

Glowing & Blemish-free skin

Cucumbers are renowned for their ability to hydrate. In the toner, it helps soothe and regenerates your skin, relieving it of any irritation. This toner also contains aloe vera & tomato juice which gives your skin moisture and acts as, protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Deep clean skin, Unclog & Shrink pores Without Drying your skin

This pore tightening toner acts as direct astringent, minimizing skin pores. It also used for an aesthetic purpose by reducing the appearance of pores around the nose and cheek area thus reducing the risk of blackheads and blemishes from appearing. But it will cause no astringent irritation and leaves only the gentle impacts on the skin. Also, it doesn’t cause any after dryness, instead it locks moisture for smooth glowing skin.

Energize & Purifies the Skin tone

Kick start your day with this all-natural Aloe cucumber Toner to keep your skin fresh all day long. It purifies skin, minimizes the pores and further blocks the dirt & pollution to enter into the skin for glowing, gentle impacts.

Non-toxic, Chemical-free, Pure & Natural

Pure & Natural Facial toner assembles with organically grown aloe vera, cucumber, and neem indulge with rich nutrients. Formulated with most natural & pure ingredients specifically devotes for skin wellness and to enhance natural beauty.

Skin Professional Clear Acne & Scars

The Toner improvised for personal to professional usage. In order to try and improve the skin’s appearance without causing irritation, this is a calming facial toner that contains skin-loving ingredients to soothe and refresh the face.